We Conduct

Programmes run by the society: Training make children learn about their capacity, realize their talent and to go about according to the need of the society. We provide them opportunity to emerge their talent and the God gifted quality.

TUTION AND COUNSELING: Children are provide tuition and given counseling classes specially those who are unable to walk to the school, either they may be affected by financially, mentally, physically illnesses. We try to mould their life by promoting their ideas and qualities.

AWARENESS PROGRAMME: Our primary focus is to make aware to the children about the miracles of God and its gifts. Time to time we conduct workshops for them to evaluate their views of their productive life. In this workshop the professor / resource person inspires and guides them to live to positivity. The power is within, we make them aware of it.PICNIC PROGRAMME FOR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED CHILDREN: Recreation makes a person fresh and keeps away from all sorts of tension, worries, anxieties as so in view of this point we conduct picnic programme, educational tour, sports day etc. from time to time. In this way we recharge, reenergize, and refresh them in the new way of learning through games, singing, dancing, quiz and many other activities. In this way children visit to many historical places, lake, beach, water fall, dam, zoo and the nature around. Natural scenery helps children to ponder about the God’s creation and admire, get inspired by them. Looking at the interest and learning enthusiasm of the children the organization felt the need to organize such tour from time to time in the months of November, December and January every year. This will help them to over come with the complexity and anxieties and cope up with the situation they face in day today live and the future ahead. YOGA AND NATUROPATHY CAMP: Yoga is better than medicine and the nature than hospital. In this world there are many sickness which we are unknown yet. Loneliness, addiction, depression, disability, inferiority complex, ill thoughts are some of the unnatural ailment which can be well treated by yoga and nature. When one feels the nature, absorbs its beauty he realizes the calmness in heart, peace in mind, and stability in conscious and feels the touch of nature and gets fully satisfied. The nature has provided many good things from its beauty. Using these plants we prepare medicines, tea, juice and the children imbibe them. Yoga and meditation give complete exercise to mind, body, soul, muscles.VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME: At our Delhi Centre, Aashirwad special education school, a unit of our society organized one day vocational training camp at Dabri village new deli. The chief guest comes and lights the lamp and addresses the children.  He encourages children as well as the guides to grow and get flourish the quality of humanity in all the human being. During this training programme children learn cutting, tailoring, beauty culture, paintings, making greetings cards, computer education, secretarial practices, carrier guidance, bag and clothes, jewelleries, handicrafts items etc. We call qualified experts of their specific field and they introduces these children how to go about it. In the camps more than 400 specially blessed children take parts and grasp technical knowledge.