We Celebrate

INTERNATIONAL DISABILITY DAY CELEBRATION: In order to build and develop good personalities of these children, Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society conducts many programmes and events from time to time. One of the most important programme / event  organized is INTERNATIONAL DISABILITY DAY. This celebration helps children to feel their value in life and the world. On this day children participate in racing, wheel chair race, relay race, musical chair, bomb in the city and many other game items. They even perform many activities on the stage such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, quizzing, acting etc. These all activities help them to realize their self confidence, self power and abilities. This is one of the finest attempts to build self confidence in them and to motivate, encourage. Such activities change their life through narrow mindedness to openness, and dream high and achieve to fulfillment. These  events and competitions play key roll to develop their talents, ability, stability, knowledge and personality.

CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL FESTIVAL: INDEPENDENCE DAY: National festival such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti and many other festivals helps children to imbibe patriotism in their heart. And these children also feel the love of their Mother Land. These festivals motivate children to live for the country and tribute its freedom fighters. These children are also the parts of this modern country and they too play key role in the development of Country. This day all the Indians celebrate and enjoy the national festival without any discrimination united as one people and one nation. This unity of ability and disability shows the equality and promotes brotherhood attitude which keeps India away with selfish motive but on the common basis.    This equation keeps us under fraternity love and safe and sound under one nation, one shelter and one governance.

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY :   Yoga from the ancient times has been established as an exercise to keep both mind and body in a balanced state. Different postures of Yoga are effective in different ways to the body and not only cure  diseases but keeps  mind stable. In this modern society, stress is a major factor for developing serous illnesses. One of the remedy to fight disease is practicing Yoga daily and keep the body fit.

SPECIAL OLYMPIAD EVENT: For over all development it is very necessary to conduct physical exercise along with the education. Education is the exercise for mind and intellect to develop our memory power and knowledge. It is very necessary for a child but at same time Olympic events and games also plays to gain sharpness in such field.  Olympics and the games are the physical exercise which keeps body fit and refreshes their mind and body as well. So such events keep a man healthy from bodily, mentally and spiritually. The society conducts this event in the month of December every year and in this event more that 25 special schools take part and around 5000 specially blessed children. This gathering makes them to feel, and share the joy of happiness with their friends, colleagues. This event helps them to forget their disabilities and with full energy to run to achieve success. Win the game and win the life. They participate in various games such as racing, 50 m run, 100 m run, shot-put, tug of war and musical chair. All the audience over their, enjoy this unique day. People present there encourage these children with huge applause and with many lovable blessings. CELEBRATION OF VARIOUS IMPORTANT FESTIVALS (HOLI/DIWALI/ID ETC.) We celebrate the many festivals such as holi / diwali / id etc. with all the children of all the centres as one family. During these days we distributes sweets, new cloths, edibles, entertainment items such as patakhas, toys, and many other playing articles and thus we try them not to feel isolated but live the life with full energy. There are always some to guide them in what way the things to be done. They guide them to light the candles during dewali and worship the goddess Laxhami. During holy to play a safe holi and to play safe patakhe. Some times even the Director of the Society takes initiatives and he himself does it. We have children of all castes and religions so as per the traditional and cultural need we celebrate all the festivals accordingly. As we celebrate the Holy, Deepawali etc. similarly we celebrate Id, Bakrid, Good Friday, Christmas and many other festivals. During these festival times we share the traditional love, joy and happiness.