Social Awareness

AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAMME: AIDS is one of the most dangerous diseases and it is regularly affecting a large number of people in the areas where the education and literacy has not developed. The village people don’t know that what they do, potentially they are spreading STD. this can be lessened by promoting education to the villages and connecting them to the society.

FAMILY PLANNING AWARENESS CAMP: Our society keeps camp for the family members to introduce them how to live a good family life. Illiteracy, poverty, unemployment are the darkness that covers the live of these village people. We provide consultancy camp for such families. Through this consultancy programme we cone to know about the family problems and try to demolish them.

AWARENESS CAMP FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS (WOMEN EMPOWERMENT): Our society organizes awareness camp for women’s rights (women empowerment) programme in many villages around the cities of UP and New Delhi. With this programme we try to renovate the status, dignity and the respect that one woman must have. Today the woman power has become the nation building power. And they are the real leader. Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patel who had been the president of India, Late Kalpana Chawla the Astronauts, Smt. Lata Mangeshkar the Singer etc. are the beautiful example of today’s changing women’s attitude.

PROPER USAGE / CONSERVATION OF WATER: Polluting water in a grate extent is one of the major challenge for us in the village, town, city, state and country. We pollute water at one place but the same water goes to other villages, cities, towns, state and country. It is said that water is life, but if it is polluted, contaminated and it becomes killing for us. So it is very important to make people know the right use of water and preserve it for the future generation. Our field executives visited many villages and tested land and familiarized people the importance of right use of water. To save water not only the women can play their valuable role but all the human being. And this is our prime focus to familiarize the benefits of water.

ROAD SAFETY PROGRAMME:             Our life is the gift of God. Many people are not careful about their life and carelessly they walk, drive on the road after drinking without knowing the consequences. We call the traffic representative in our camp and they explain about traffic rules and how to walk on the road to save our life from the danger of death. They even insist not to ride vehicle drunk. This leads to destruction of ones life and give no chance to rectify such mistakes. .

WOMEN AND CHILD HEALTH CARE PROGRAMME: We organize health camp for specially blessed children and women to promote the quality health, equation and fraternity. We care children and women and provide them free medicinal amenities, food, shelter and other needs. We guide them the love a health life. Consume healthy foods, drink boiled water etc. This camp helps them to come up with new energy to face the society.

DENTAL CAMP: We regularly run dental check up camps for the mentally, physically challenged children in New Delhi every year from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm especially for the physically challenged children and men and women. Cleaning our teeth plays a key role to our good health. 3.

SANJEEVANI MOBIEL MEDICARE CAMP FOR THE OLD, AGED AND DISABLED CHILDREN: We also run mobile medicare camp facilities to the needy people who are not able to come to our hospital. They are particularly, either old aged people, disabled and the people who have no one to care for.  

CONTROL OF BLINDNESS PROGRAMME FOR SC/ST: The life exists when we see it, feel it, and enjoy it. To prevent the blindness the children are provided proper guidance. To use clean water to wash eyes. The eye care camps are also run for it.

DRUG ABUSE / ALCHOHALISM, SMOKING, THEIR PREVENTION, TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION: In today’s fashionable world very often people fall into bad habits such as smoking, drinking, inhaling drugs, raping, killing and many other anti social activities. These people are not born of criminals, but due to some lack in their lives they have become so. We treat these people as an event productive means and we try our best to over come their worries, anxieties and problems.