Our Vision And Expectations

Our vision is to create a stigma free environment where these specially blessed children “Divyang” can get respect, recognition, love & affection and not to be treated as a burden to the society.

We also expect a society where education will be the priority, by which one can develop character and be successful in life and thereby reduce illiteracy rate.

We don’t believe in “DIFFERENCES” we believe in “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

  • We expect people to come forward and give their moral & physical support and generous financial contribution to reduce the maladies of Special Child. They can help spread awareness in society among people that mental retardation/disability can be prevented by providing therapies, medication and giving total dedication, love and caring.
  • To conduct various welfare programmes for women and child development,
  • To implement various schemes of welfare and awareness like supplementary nutrition, immunization, health education, cancer prevention, screening and support in treatment and other health care programme.

To create awareness for a healthy lifestyle, health consciousness and treatment with the help of accepting Yoga and Naturopathy in the society.