Our Vision And Expectations

Blessed are those…………………………………………………
Who understand my awkward steps and clumsy hand
Who know the way of my Heart and love me as I am.
Who make me feel, loved, respected and not alone.
Who will listen for, I, too, have something to say.


Our vision to create a stigma free environment where these specially blessed children “Divyang”can get respect 角型手洗器 【493-057】【RCP】【配管資材・水道材料】カクダイ【セルフリノベーション】,recognitionコモ コンピューターデスク アンティーク調ホワイト【組立】, love &amp仏壇 下台 【若葉(中)高台角柱 塔ノ】; affection and not to be treated as a burden to the society【kitchenaid 4.5 Quart Tilt Stand Mixer by KitchenAid】. We also dream of a society where education will be the priority 【あす楽】 【36回無金利】 ジン メンズ腕時計 856 856.011.LS, by which one can develop character and be success in lifeパックセイフ ユニセックス メンズ レディース バッグ バックパック・リュック【Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 Adventure Backpack】Hawaiian Blue.

We expect people in the society to come forward to support and help us spreading awarenessSymphony 5 / Symphony 3【中古】. To create an amicable environment where such children are comfortable and cheerful and grow with the society and its responsibilities間仕切 アコーデオンカーテン ドア シックマテリアル(ラタンNo.6212?6213).

We don’t believe in “DIFFERENCES” we believe in “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”機甲警察メタルジャック DVD-BOX【中古】.

  • We expect people to come forward and give their moral & physical support and generous financial contribution to reduce the maladies of Special Child.. They can help spread awareness in society among people that mental retardation/disability can be prevented by providing therapies, medication and giving total dedication, love and caring.
  •  To conduct various welfare programmes for women and child development, awareness and non formal pre-school education, adult education..
  •  To implement various schemes of welfare and awareness like supplementary nutrition, immunization, health education, cancer prevention, screening and support in treatment and other health care programme.
  • To create awareness for the healthy lifestyle, health consciousness and treatment with the help of accepting Yoga and Naturopathy in the society.

Become a Sanjeevani Child Sponsor…………..

Your donation will go a long way..

In Indiakarimoku(カリモク) Pure nature(ピュアナチュール学習机シリーズ) デスク 丸みが優しい脚デザインタイプ (100cm幅)【全国送料無料】【同梱不可】, there is virtually no Health Insurance Schemes for disability sector.Those who can afford it , pay for  the treatment. Those who are poor, cannot afford to pay for the treatment. However, even a few Rupees go a long way in an all volunteer organization. Our operating expenses are much higher which means that your donation will directly help children who need it.