Our Identity & Area of Action

Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society is committed to the welfare and rehabilitation of the deprived and needy   physically, mentally & socio-economically poor Divyang children.

There are millions of Specially Blessed children in India. The word “Sanjeevani” is popularly taken as a “Remedy to Hopeless”.

Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society has travelled a long 19 years, serving to the cause of rehabilitation of needy Divyang children. We believe that every special child is special and should be treated as a gift of GOD.

We are recognized as an upcoming organization imparting Education, Health care and Empowerment to poor and weaker section of the society. Our organization believes and works tirelessly to bring the needy Divyang children out of their sympathetic situation. To create a feeling of security, interest of learning and hence lead a normal life free from discrimination.

Our special emphasis is to improve the socio-economic condition of the weaker section through Education and Counselling. Our objective is to create a healthy society by minimising disability and empower women also.

At our centres in U.P. and Delhi, we have opened special educational school for differently abled children. They are taught to develop daily healthy habits through various activities. Our speech therapist helps them to develop linguistic skills.

We are regularly organizing Education and Awareness programmes for the people in the society to understand about their rights and privileges which are due to them and ensure their accessibility.

We have support of eminent Doctors, and other Professionals who organize regular health check-up camps for spreading awareness, screening and provide medicines to these Divyang. Corrective surgery is done to the selected congenital disabled children. We also provide Physiotherapy, Yoga and Music Therapy regularly for the benefit of these children. Our continuous efforts are to help to develop special individuals and empower the deprived women to be at par with the national mainstream.