General Secretary Speaks

It is always said that Journey is more important than reaching Destination. It has been continuous and well crafted effort along  with dedicated support of all around us that we were able to built up upon our earlier success.

As per reliable resources there is about 2% – 3% disability prevalence  in India which gives us an ample opportunity to contribute in the national prosperity significantly by enabling the differently able through concerted efforts.

Participation in the Mainstream of Society, by the enabled is a measure of Humanity.  Most of us have no idea what Special person can do, because all we have been told is what they can`t do.

The above scenario has been our chief concern and major motivation for building up the enthusiasm for a challenging journey for arriving at the destination of enabling the Special Individual to contribute in the national prosperity.

It is to be understood that, there are millions of poor and marginalised people across India. For them word “Sanjeevani” is popularly understood as  “Remedy to hopeless “. This name we have given to our organization because we aim at bringing fresh life to poor, marginalized needy and differently abled children, to provide them full cheer and happiness . At Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society we give new & vitalized Jeevan ( Life ) to Needy, differently Able Children, Marginalized / Destitute Women and Children.

In recent years technology has brought immense change in our approach of performing any activity. I feel pleasure to confirm that within our resources we have been able to incorporate all the technological benefits for smooth and effective working of the organization. In fact we can be identified as –  an organization ready to take up changes.

This was the year when we received visitors from overseas and Dignitaries from all walks of life who encouraged us with their Golden Words as true Visionaries for welfare of our organisation.

My sincere regards and Thanks to all the well wishers and supporters and we will continue to seek their cooperation during our journey as and when required.

Dr. Vidya Sagar Pandey