Changing lives for Special Children

Children those who are benefited after operation

Name :   Upendra Prasad.                                                                      

Age :- 15 years, Male , of Village Dumahi,  Dist :- Kushinagar, U.P. He was suffering from Both Leg Deformity   (Neglected CTEV   B/L) and was operated on 04/05/2017 of R/T Lengthening Planter Fasea Release Corrective Osteotomy with P.O.P. And was discharged on 14/05/2017 with an advice for regular check ups. At present he is with  his parents who are poor daily laborers of the village. He is gradually improving & after removal of plaster he will be normal.

Name:   Pavan Kumar.

Age :- 17 years , Male , of Village Kisar. Dist :- Chandauli, U.P. He was suffering from R/T Leg Deformity  ( Genu Valgum femoral component) with previous history of corrective  osteotomy R/T. He was operated upon on 25/04/2017 of Lower Femoral Corrective Osteotomy and POP was done. He was discharged on 26/04/2017 with an advice to follow up at regular intervals. Plaster removal may take 6-7 weeks time. The child is with his parents now, they are poor laborers. Child is recovering fast, thanks to Morning Light.

Name:   Saddam Dhobi.

Age :- 20 years , Male of Village  : Siswania Thakraha, West Champaran, Bihar. He was suffering from Right Foot Deformity  (  Neglected CTEV Right Foot ), and not able to walk properly. He was operated on 05/05/2017 for corrective Osteotomy right foot and was discharged on 15/05/2017, with POP and advised for checkup at regular intervals. Plaster is to be removed after 6-7 weeks time. Today he is living with his parents who are poor farmers. Saddam is improving & soon will be able to walk normally. This was possible with the help of Morning Light.

Name  :-  Laxmina Kumari.

AGE : –  14  years , Female, of Village : Uchauri, Dist :_ Ghazipur U.P.  She was suffering from both legs deformity  (  Neglected  CTEV with previous corrective surgery Rt. Foot). She was operated on 05/05/2017 for posteromedial Soft Tissue release done with L/T foot with POP and discharged on 15/05/2017. And advised for regular follow up. It will require 6-8 weeks time to remove the plaster. She is living with her parents  in the village , who are poor daily laborers. She is improving and her family paying gratitude to  Morning Light. 

Name :-  Bhupendra Kumar.

 Age :_  10 years, Male , Village :- Sandaha, Dist :_ Varanasi, U.P. He was suffering from Right Leg Deformity ( T.A. Contracture with Equinus Deformity). He was operated on 09/05/2017 for Releasing TA Lengthening with ZPlasty and discharched on 18/05/2017 with an advice to follow up regularly. The child is with his parents at home and is recovering. They are grateful to Morning Light