Formation of roof / shelter for the poor school Children

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Sanjeevani was providing education to the poor children in the remote area of the Sonebhadra, the most backward district of the Uttar Pradesh, India. Figure 1.1 to 1.4 shows that the remote undeveloped surroundings of the school. Figure 1.5 to 1.8 and figure 1.10 open air school of the sanjeevani where children were being educated with all the difficulties. Figure 1.6 is showing the child ringing the bell between the two class this shows how the classes were being run systamaticly even after the limitation. Figure 1.9 shows the first visit of representative of Morning Light Mr. Aneel Asnani who felt the pain and need of the students of that village and also felt the devotion of Sanjeevani for providing education to the poor children. Of course he is no more but his memory always remain with the Sanjeevani. After his visit he proposed the support to the Sanjeevani and conveyed all the real situation to the Morning Light Switzerland after that the President Morning Light Mr. E. Haberman and Mr. Moti Asnanai Ji visited the Sanjeevani Suorsoth and Sanjeevani Health Care Unit in Varanasi. Figure 1.12 is showing Mr. E. Haberman, Mr. Moti Asnani and Mr. Ashish Tiwari Sharing the moment with the children studdying under the shade of the tree.
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After the visit of the Mr. E. Habermen and Mr. Moti Asnani Ji the work for the school building constructions started with the support of Morning Light Switzerland by sanjeevani. Figure 2.1 to 2.4 shows the different stages and the progress of construction.
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Figure 3.1 showing the entry point of the school building having the channel gate. Figure 3.2 coridore. Figure 3.3 to 3.6 showing the children studdying in the own building of Sanjeevani School with comfort and concentration. Figure 3.7 to 3.8 showing the back and south view of the building, figure 3.9 the front view of the building with the children sitting in the ground celebrating the Republic day of India. And figure 3.10 showing the class room in the school.

Thank you very much to the Morning Light for their support due to which children are able study under the roof without facing the discomfort of the hot sun or thundering rainy season. But still many more things are left for the welfare of the school and the poor children and we hope that with the support of the morning light we will be able to achieve all the good things for these poor children.