Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society was established in the year 2000 with an aim to improve the life of the poor, needy & destitute as well as specially challenged children. Our  desire is to refine their quality of life, give them opportunities to join the mainstream. As a proverb  says “Education is what turns mirrors into windows”. So, it was deemed as the right medium to change their world. Sanjeevani opened schools to educate the special children, helped them learn the basic  things and tried to excel their skills. In course of time, our journey brought us to the other maladies of the good Earth. We came across the poor mothers in tattered clothes, the hungry sisters and tired fathers in soiled turbans who work as small peasants or vegetable vendors trying to make both ends meet. Sanjeevani since then has not confined its activities to physically or mentally challenged ones but  broadened the area of action. Today our programmes  include free education to the destitute & tribal children, free corrective surgeries for children with physical or multiple deformities and empowerment of poor, deprived village women among others activities too.

Sanjeevani understands the importance of the involvement of people for a sustainable, progressive change in the society.  There are a seven billion people in this world, seven billion hearts and fourteen billion hands. If every person contribute a bit to the welfare of the society, world would certainly become a better place for each one. We, hence, promote your participation and assistance. Together we can change many lives.